IM 25 Gallon Lagoon AIO Tank & Setup


Reefing made easy in an All-in-One reef tank that can sit on a countertop.

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For sale is this used IM 25 gallon AIO Lagoon tank and equipment. Free local pick up in Tualatin, OR. No shipping. No scratches in the external glass, or viewable marks when filled with water. Pictures accurate and taken at time of publishing.

Here’s what is included:

Innovative Marine Lagon AIO Tank
25 Gallon
AIO construction with rear compartments for heater, return pump, cheato, media and dosing
High Clarity Glass / Low Iron
Leveling Rubber Mat
Dimensions (24” x 20” x 12”) approx.
Flat Polished
Diamond Edge Polished
Black Silicone

Ehiem Jager 75 watt heater
Fully Submersible
Excellent quality
On/Off indicator light for at-a-glance monitoring
Will automatically turn off when water level dips too low

Sicce Syncra Silent Pump 1.5 with return tubes
358 US gph
Made in Italy
Extra Impeller!

LED Cheato Light
Attaches to the rear of tank

Bubble-Magus Skimmer
Mini-Q model
Internal Nano Skimmer
Also included, another inexpensive skimmer

Cheato / media basket
Grow cheato or can be used for media like carbon or GFO

 Lid clips / DIY Lid
Keeps fish in! (DIY lid is in fair condition)

2 Overflow Chamber Filter Socks (not pictured)

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